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Future Chanels

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In order to join the Future Chanels community, you must be fashionable, adore fashion in every aspect, and have much knowledge of the current fashion world. In order to join, you must apply by posting your application. you wont get in if you dont post an application. and YOU MUST APPLY WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ASKING FOR MEMBERSHIP OR YOU WILL NEVER BE ADMITTED BECAUSE YOU DID NOT FOLLOW RULES. MANY PEOPLE ARE JUST ASKING TO BE APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP, AND HAVE NOT APPLIED. YOU MUST POST AN APPLICATION.

Favorite color-
Favorite Designer-
When did you become interested in fashion-
how did you find this community-
Why do you want to join-
Have you ever been to a fashion show-
Describe your style in one word-
What got you interested in fashion-
Favorite model-
What is your favorite item of clothing-
What fashion occupation interests you-
Do you have any friends in the community-
Why do you want to join-
Favorite store chain-
Favorite unique store-
Have you visited New York, and if so, how many times-
Define fashionable in your own words-
Favorite TV show-
Favorite channel-
Biggest fashion crime in your opinion-
Is your hair color natural-


1.must post no more or less than two or three pictures
2. at least one picture must include you in your idea of your most fashionable outfit
3. you cannot comment until you are accepted
4.MUST use an lj cut, if you don't know how, comment on my personal lj (runs_in_heels) and i'll tell you how, if you don't ask, there is no reason for you not to have one
5. if you are rejected, you can apply again after a week. you may only apply twice, and make sure that after your pictures in your application, you say whether you have already applied. if not, it is an automatic no.
6. Never ever argue with the opinions of the members or maintainters if you are not a member. you wont get accpeted.

don't follow these rules, and you won't get another chance at being accepted.

1. try to vote on each applicant
2. put yes, weak yes, or no in the subject of your comment so i can count easier.
3. tell the applicant what you liked(+) and didnt like (-). use as many pluses or minuses as you wish to show your extreme like or dislike
4. dont argue with the maintainers.

*please use the invite stamp to promote our community! thank you!*