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Application and pictures:



Name- Tracy
Age- 16
Location- BC, Canada
Favorite color- Black and pink
Favorite Designer- Stella McCartney, and Chanel, obviously!
When did you become interested in fashion- I have NO idea! I really just fell into, and just fell in love!
how did you find this community- Searching for Couture
Why do you want to join- It seems like a great place, being such a fan of Chanel and fashion in general.
Have you ever been to a fashion show- No, I live in a craptacular place.
Describe your style in one word- Outrageous
What got you interested in fashion- Er...wasn't this asked already? See above!
Favorite model- Ujjwala Raut, because I think the Indian look is so beautiful!
What is your favorite item of clothing- That I own? Probably my Demonia boots, or my satin black layered skirt.
What fashion occupation interests you- Designer!
Do you have any friends in the community- Nope...don't know anyone!
Why do you want to join- Once again, see above.
Favorite store chain- True Value Vintage is's a small chain, but it's a chain!
Favorite unique store- Temple of a Modern Girl
Have you visited New York, and if so, how many times- I wish! I'll be there one day...
Define fashionable in your own words- Unique and unapologetic!
Favorite TV show- American Dreams, Queer as Folk, Fashion File, Sex and the City
Favorite channel- Fashion TV!
Hobbies- Designing my own clothes, shopping, listening to and playing music, going to concerts.
Biggest fashion crime in your opinion- High waisted pants.Tucked in shirts.Clunky shoes.
Is your hair color natural- Nope...hehe!


Me on the right with a friend:

Stupid face:

My favorite actress wearing my favorite pieces (for the moment):

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