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-Name- Taryn
-Age- 16
-Location- New York
-Favorite color- Hot Pink and Black
-Favorite Designer- Oscar de la Renta (Sarah Jessica Parker always wears his dresses and I think that their so interest and different. My favorite dresses from Oscar de la Renta - hot pink, strapless, silk, ruffled completely at the bottom and kelly green, 2 ruffled short, and a pin -- both showed up in W magazine and Vogue)
-When did you become interested in fashion- 8th grade (im going into 11th)
-How did you find this community- searching Chanel
-Why do you want to join- Im in love with fashion, I love just everything about it. Even if I don't buy things, I just love looking at all the different ideas designers have.
-Have you ever been to a fashion show- no I haven't yet, hopefully soon
-Describe your style in one word- Glamorous
-What got you interested in fashion- Magazines
-Favorite model- Cindy Crawford back in the day with Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington
-What is your favorite item of clothing- SHOES and sun glasses
-What fashion occupation interests you- Working at a fashion magazine, editing or layout something like that. But my dream job would have to be a fashion designer. In 8th grade I wrote in my bio that I was gonna become a designer, everyone thought I was crazy and dumb that I wanted to design clothes for a living, but I loved it.
-Do you have any friends in the community- nope
-Why do you want to join- seems like a really cool community where I can meet some other fashion crazy people and its new so I'd like to help promote and do stuff like that
-Favorite store chain- Bloomingdales, Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus (online)
-Favorite unique store- Manolo Blahnik - its on west 54th street, yes manolos are very well known but not many people are able to locate this store only because they have no sign up that says MANOLO BLAHNIK, instead it is a little golden plate with small letters which say Manolo Blahnik next to the door. I found this very unique and so wonderful because they only really want people who really know who they are and what they have to come in - very smart.
-Have you visited New York, and if so, how many times- I live here and I love it. I actually live like 20 mins out side Manhattan so me and my friends usual take the train there, I just love walking up and down 5th ave. I don't think I would ever get tired of looking in Henri Bendel, Bergdorfs, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Barneys, Ferragamo and all those other stores along there and also the stores off 5th like Chanel, Burberry, and Escada.
-Define fashionable in your own words- Anything that you find fun, beautiful, glamorous.
-Favorite TV show- Sex and the City and Summerland
-Favorite channel- MTV and E!
-Hobbies- Field Hockey and Shopping
-Biggest fashion crime in your opinion- Mixing strips and dots together or mixing different animal prints or mixing different directions of strips -- hah I just think that all these don't look really that good together.
-Is your hair color natural- oo yes (i highlighted it in 7th grade and then in 9th i hated it so i lowlighted it. my hair was super long and so recently i just cut it all off and now im back to my natural color and i love it)

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note the Chanel sun glasses, their my pride and joy

couldn't think of my most fashionable outfit tonight so tomorrow ill post it!! Thanks so much!!
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